Having long dreamt of setting up her own business and being her own boss, Emily Hughes founded Empress Juices in 2015.

Being someone who has always loved fresh fruit and vegetables, she felt there was a gap in the market for freshly pressed juices in the South West. After going into cafe after cafe and supermarket after supermarket, and being faced with a selection of juices which contained varying quantities of refined sugar, she saw an opportunity for a new business and hence Empress Juices was founded.


For many years there has been an ongoing debate about levels of refined sugar in food and drink.

Soft drinks in particular are invariably consumed by young people who are understandably oblivious to the detrimental health effects of the excessive consumption of sugar. After seeing Jamie Oliver’s sugar campaign, and seeing the amount of teaspoons of sugar that go into various juices, Emily passionately believes that the natural occurring sugars of fruits and vegetables are sweet enough, but most importantly, so much healthier and refreshing than soft drinks and processed juices.


Empress juices are naturally delicious and good for you.

If natural fruit juices, as opposed to refined sugar drinks, were tasteless and unappealing then there would be an understandable problem; but these natural juices are refreshing and delicious. 

That’s why Emily believes that every bag should contain an Empress Juice!

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